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Receive a Welcoming Highlight, Quorum Identification Number
(Q-C #), Quorum Access Password (Q-P Access), and Remediation

Processing begins...


Memo: >>>>>> NHRS Online Viewers

As an outpatient enrolled to receive
directions through LSKTC&AUR's
establishments we ask that confidence and trust
be placed in Dr. Mito. She will be serving as the
Guide for LSKTC&AUR's counseling establishments. 
While administering as LSKTC&AUR's instructing Human
Developmental, Observational, and Behavioral
Analyst she will be advising all clients serviced
through methodical remediation based on
influential traits, collaborative fixes, and sensored
purposes for progressing within advancements,
as a reflexive operation into subjective solutions.
LSKTC&AUR's  reformating concepts generate
through self-administered assignments revolved
around faith-based, self -assigned outpatient
care.  Programs under LSKTC&AUR's guidance
are skillfully designed to console and
mentor with hopes to migrate lasting
relationships. Faith will play the key role
when addressing presentations.  Undoubtly,
many beings of the human species will
never grow beyond their environmental
circumferences mentally, due to fear causing
congestions such as, it can only happen if it
has been tested.  Choosing to suffix such
marginary boundaries onto your life and accepting
what is given by chance naturally creates such inferior
barriers within psychological pathways, causing
innerpersonal communication to doubt actions.  To
believe in unseen directions is nothing more
than evolutionary impulsiveness generated from a
reaction within the imagination determined by
trusted instincts.  It is when feedback does
not occur suddenly or as sudden as
anticipated that such uncertainties form,
causing faithlessness.  Impatience 
shatters imagery.  Understanding
necessariness within attempts
makes way for better analysis and clearer
insights on ways to build, rebuild,
and prevent setbacks led by such distress. 
Once instances are frontlined and dealt with in
appropriate manner, understanding and identifying
developmental situations as they occur grants
knowledge and wisdom, in order to make 
alterations and better judgments at free will.
Faith is the key element for sustaining
progressive paths within meaningful
grounds.  It is not so much as stepping
  out on faith that sublimes choices made
by chance, but moreso stepping up and
acknowledging needed efforts and 
requirements for reaching set goals of
expectancies; in so doing one can step
on higher grounds, in higher regards,
with higher standards, respectfully and
honestly.  When referring to challenging
life in general, it is not so much as
stepping out, but nonetheless stepping up to
be guided through your heart's pure intent,
led by way of natural instinctive abilities into your
personal care needs, and overseen through
superior withholdings based on
conscious bearing regards.  Depending on
  logical reliances to underline all
dealings, remaining level with 
necessary things needed to survive
sanely, and getting to know yourself on
  personal knowledged levels grants
the well being with ample opportunities to
take charge for creating faithful
  foundations based on foreseen,
  faith-based, and equalized intelligence
transcended through innerpersonal
  thoughts, for regulating a structured lifestlye.
Despite symmetrical disturbances, counseling is
by far the dominating force and a resourceful
advantage for rebuilding mental sanity and physically
restructuring abilities into forwarding progress, for
aging according to phychologically paired
growth expansions into purposed regimes.  Open
debates can be helpful for stabilizing emotions
after life has been shattered beyond
the continuance of growing freely.  As an
outpatient receiving assistance through
LSKTC&AUR's counseling infrastructures,
all presented situations will undergo
evaluations before being placed through 
methodical remediation and phase procession
pools.  Processing criterias under this
format systematically provides input based on
gatherings over a course of time, through
consistent reviews, from developmental translations,
and by way of judgmental and coercive feedback on
addressed issues.  After matters are categorized
within proper judicial and classificational margins,
  deliberations into understudy reviews
therefore moves toward foreclosure reviews
for beneficial restoration.  Average timing for 
standard setups and deliberation processing to finalize
varies based on situational circumstances,
order in following suit with directions, and the
client's time spent initiating contacts. Standard
proceedings are set at a minimum two month
deliberating course of actions under protocol
directions, remedial instructions, relative
assignments, and prepaid access guidelines.
Need Help? Make the connection... The mind can
reverse turmoil at free-will and allow
recaptivation of the well being for rejuvenation
if triggered incidents are acknowledged
beforehand and therefore corrected based
on clearer insights into foundations for resurfacing
roots.  Depending on individual situational
circumstances, determined willpower, and devotional
upkeep revolved around remediation and cyclic
processing, outpatient care under LSKTC&AUR's
systematic formulas will generally undergo
short-term management conditioning and
long-term follow-up care.  Being that grounds
for gaining control lie within regulating control, intake
processing has been structured in fairness and is based
on a logical time frame to assure Dr. Mito with an
adequate allowance of leadway into processing and
deliberating, in order to freelance according to
needs amongst alternating correspondences. 
Analysis Quorum access is granted 24
hours a day, 7 days a week to all outpatients 
undergoing understudy review and
pre-existing outpatients framed under LSKTC&AUR's
Recovery Summary Update Program's review
planning.  As humans living, roaming about freely,
learning to survive, and challenging by faith through
spiritual wisdom, we can reach as high above as
desired and as wide as imaginations and
eyesights extends in between environmental spacing.
An everlasting persistence lie within an ever ready
grasp.  Reflections through spiritual guidance
surpasses stipulations caused by desires to fulfill
lusts of the flesh.  Flesh bearing authority and
authoritarian leaderships formulated and generating
under lust-filled, greed-endured, and tempting
acts of disgust are overbearing and known to be
common causes into human downfalls.  Gaining control
lie within regulating control.  Works of the flesh are evident
and filled with confusions, unclean suspenses,
hatred, and selfish ambitions.  We have all fallen
short of victory while growing and learning under such
attributes.  Reaching out and acknowledging such
mishaps to therefore be released, in order to move
forward without regrets is the only way to wave through
such acts embedded by way of deceptive delusions
while out of fit.  The flesh and the spirit are contrary to one
another.  It takes a strong mind to subgate the two. 
We are all born innocent.  Once awakened to
commonsensical groundings through inner-purity
we understand why and how we've allowed lured
deceptions to pull us into genres of mayhem while
swaying by chance. Experiences led by those things,
types of people, and encounters, we gracefully
learn to look back into.  If we, as humans, could learn
to relay through spiritual reliances from the womb
before becoming conceited, provocative, and envious
life would be more of an experimental journey
and more less setforth as an experimental  task.
However, human congressions are not multiplying 
under such reprimands.  The human brain naturally reforms
thoughts to ideological  beliefs after familar underlinings
are sustained amongst mental discussions, causing
the mind to frame physical contours according to
what's being perceived .  Once such traits are
formed throughout psychological traces, experiences
begin to collaborate mentally with interactive transitional
existences, and the intent naturally justifies with the strongest
sense for belonging.  Life as we know can bring about
turntables in an instant and without notices through sudden
impulses, premature decisions, peer pressure, and lack
of knowledge.  As mentioned earlier, once
determined interruptions occur within revolving
circumferences and interpreted signals are sent to the
brain, reformations naturally formulates within
mental pathways, in order to address new-
found existences.  Idealogical conceptions therefore
allows spirital senses to become downsized, overwhelmed,
and repositioned towards a less prominent dominance,
causing self explanatory actions to impersonate 
desired upkeeps based on expectancies and anticipations
found through the imagination.  Negativity generated
amongst communacative formations inside of such
conjunctive terms disregards the overall stance for
safeguarding one's heart and wellspring to life.  It is
important that the well being be secured with purposed
foundations based on truth for relating at all times, in
order to avoid harmful and unhealthy interferences.  If
spiritual wisdom becomes the supportive foundation
for all purposes, a spiritual sense naturally manifests
within active environments.  Nothing is vain or
misunderstood when the spirit of well being controls
destinations by way of thought-thru actions.
Relying on the spirit to retrace subconsciously
  for guiding the well being assures joyfulness
in hopes, patience in times of troubles, truthful
and understood reliances when reaching out, and
avoidances of hindering situations that could lead to

*Be wise!
*Be patient!
*Be steadfast!
  *Be encouraged by all things!
  *Be not amused by things seen
  but instead listen carefully
  to identify with whom and
  what you're dealing with!

Warmth from pureness and the wonders of
peace are remarkably gratifying.  Once
spiritual control is stabilized through personal
alliances reformations of a gentle, quiet,
abundant, and steadfast love takes over
all dealings, situations, and encounters. 
Regardless of the obstacles at hand, guidance,
strength, and a forwarded approach therefore
allows spiritual wisdom to underline basements for
moving about freely, in an orderly manner.  Love endured
radiance naturally shines through darkness.
This reflection is transcended from pureness of the
heart.  Natural pureness is gracious, easily identified
through one's truthfulness, and obviously
underlined by one's heart endured contentments.  
LSKTC&AUR can restore your pure state of being. 
Let Dr. Mito be your Guide, as a nourishment and
rekindling strengthener for encouragements into
sharing and reflecting peace through
acts of kindness amongst interactions
throughout your life's journey.  Letting all things
done be pursued for good purposes,  be done
with love, reflect for glory, exist to inspire,
and shine based on peaceful preparations that
governs a prosperous and delighted
adventure, not only for you but for those
you are responsible for as well, is remarkable.
Burdens and momentary heartaches can
be subdued.  It is through determination and
willpower that structured realities for understanding
ways to reframe situational circumstances are
withstood.  Dr. Mito is present to negate nuisances
based on faith and spiritual guidance. Once a
Counselor/Client conjunction has been established
communacative relations are continual
and can last a lifetime under satifactory
completion standards through LSKTC&AUR's
Recovery Summary Update Understudy
Review Program's placements.  No issues will
grow unrecognized and no voice will grow
unheard.  If you or a loved one have a
concern of interest you would like to
discuss, change, or receive clearer
  insights into, if you or a loved one is willing
to submit to a situation with anticipations
towards creating ways for facing and dealing, or
perhaps you or a loved one is willing and
ready to talk about a troubling instance,
situation, or influence just because you want to
find clarity, make the connection...

LSKTC&AUR Counseling & Guidance Care is here to assist you!

1-985-516-6085 for available service details

"No Unfavorable Situation
Is Too Great Or Too
Small To Address With
Concerns If It Knowingly
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LSKTC&AUR Productions

~Powering Tomorrow~

Sorted Compassion           By: Dr. Mito

To escape the wilderness is the ultimate revenge
through defeating the negative sides of this
adventure we as humans call life. To indulge and behave as
if we are amongst the beast in the wild is a game
played by fools. We must be wise, in order to
avoid harm that could deprive us of a clear
conscious & free continuance. Often the imagination runs
wild. Accurate definitons must develop through
offset detected images found by way of detailed analysis
from a psychological approach that identifies, finalizes, develops,
and builds. Seemingly, we, as humans are growing in an age
in time that image plays key roles for identifying.
Determining factors must surpass visions, in order to
gather conclusive information that gives more truth
to ideal reviews. Defining through characteristics
can be helpful when building innerpersonal relationships.
It is helpful to understand the mindstates of
neighboring bodies that are adjacent, for relating and
understanding manners in which relations were formed.
LSKTC&AUR Counseling Guidance Care's developmental
research studies has created two blockades that governs facts
of there being two proven characteristics, which categorizes
beings of the human species in either, and, and or stances.
Below is a briefing on formed characterizations framed inside of
multiple contrast settings based on conclusions.

LSKTC&AUR's Extensive Observation Grounding

Well Being Theory 1 :
A solemn, meek, serious, stern, clear-headed, fair,
clever, sensible, ordinary, low-key, concerned, humble, delicate,
discreet, down-to-Earth, apprehensible, & hesitant demeanor

Well Being Theory 2:
An eager, extreme, luring,
appealing, unexplained, excessive, unconditional,
underground, heightened, enthusiastic, thrilling,
concealed, willing, impatient, utmost,
enchanting, masked, cultivated, mysterious, soft spoken,
sharp-edged, charming, & supernatural demeanor.


Theory 1 reads a peaceful and compassionate, yet
apprehensive state of being and Theory 2 reads a more
aggressive and compassionate, yet aggreeable
state of being.  There are many behavioral symbols,
which underlines theoretical findings into these concerns. 
LSKTC&AUR's guidance confides openly in promoting the
use of these conceptual requisitions.  They form clearer
insights into reaching outcomes throughout procession angles
undergoing emotional reviews and code of conciousness sequesters.
Apparently, locations of occupancy around the globe play a major role
in the way humans communicate and ways for communication. To
understand personal attributes from all aspects is very
important when relating with others. Often seeing is believing and
logically perceived as truth... This well known anecdote can be
misleading.  Being that most people underline their judgments based on
observant influences, people under Theory 2's statute naturally
take advantage of luring persuasions and grow into powerful
beings under such frames.  Getting by under order
lead by way of such misconducive behaviors appears to be withheld to those
on the proposing end.  Relationships found through such creeds are usually
overbearing, degenerative, down-trodden, suffocated, and prolonged
due to fear causing congestions led by way of overshadowed esteem. Once victims
are drawn into meaningless and ongoing situations through another's
self gratifying aspects and absent concerns encounters are not as easy to
break-thru as they were to intertwine.  Weakened emotions are amongst many
leading downfalls graven into the human race.  This degenerative implement
is well known for building stable grounds and typically fits the character of
LSKTC&AUR's Extensive Observation Grounding Theory 2.  Undoubtly,
the human mind is not strong enough to deter impulses driven into course
by way of customized deceptions.  It is normal to mass stamina into deepest
horizons during early developments, learning, and growth.  Clutching what
seems to be appealing often passover as a susceptible agreement. Many good
contenders has been victimized, deceived, and driven off tracks of their
potential aims and expected inclinations due to sudden reactions, premature
decisions, and lack of judgments led by way of staged performances.  Despite situations
remaining engaged under warpsided conditioning, life somehow trails along
jokingly, absent-mindfully, and sparingly agendatized, engaged, and
prolonged.  Staying level within personal criterions and leveled
margins safeguards interferences.  Observation is the
key element to preventions into becoming overwhelmed by sudden impulses brought
on by those that prey on others without remorse.  In the event of an overwhelming
default, life can be restored.  Help is available!  It is as easy as 1---2---3...  
Through acknowledging there is a problem and therefore seeking attention
to address those concerns, opportunities are granted, which allows issues to
be dealt with according to the necessaries of contingency.  To avoid bad company,
always remember to relate thoroughly on influential terms, act in high regards relative
to persuasive agreements that draw beyond knowledgeable indentions, drive your life
always, stay alert for preventing loss of control and your right to choose, and avoid
quick and strange pick-ups along your way, which carry no well-thought ties. 
If a person can relate personally, on individual levels, and absent intrigued
propagandas, communicating with others should be a hands-down conjunction. 
Refer to LSKTC&AUR's Extensive Observation Grounding Well Being
Theory 1 (Kindness & peace reflected amongst any given environment,
naturally) versus Well Being Theory 2 (Hidden feelings backed
by lack of togetherness and manifestations of deceit driven by way of
bad choices, unpleasant situations, and uncertain circumstances, instigatively
poised to attack without notice).  Theory 1 and Theory 2 separates by
actions like salt in aglass of cold water when placed against actions
outside of routines, planning,and scheduled agendas.  As humans, trained to think
and speak in equivalence, through conversations, for and within presentations,
and based on good deeds we can no longer characterize who we truly
are, how we truly feel, or how pleasant our mind's states
are positioned without long-term observation
running it's course into offsets.  True identification through observant knowledge
is generally detected throughout time by way of coerced actions, reactions,
and interactions.  Implementations circulated around saying and doing what others
want to hear and see easily becomes mistaken for truth and greatness.  Typically, as
human's minds age and their voices learn to speak from an individual survival aspect,
instincts naturally sways toward innerpersonal gatherings and justifiable reprimands.
It is by way of observant intelligence throughout time that internal emotions are
truthfully revealed.  Due to common knowledge of one being psychologically paired with
saying because it is or was the thing to say or giving favor, promoting, and engaging
because it is or was the thing to do, scaling actual conceptions must grow
beyond immediate recognitions and accolades.  People classified under Theory 1 falls
uneasy at the sight of those aligned under Theory 2's characterization
and generally avoids such contact and Theory 2's components feeds
on Theory 1's components like vultures on decaying flesh with hopes
to change, unravel negativity, and reveal similar character-
istics...  Helpfulness with meaning usually goes unspoken of.  If a person means well
by helping others protection against shaming that person is considered, in order to
prevent pointing out shallow-points.  Many reasons underline why the human mind allows
the body to react and behave in kind & unkind manners. Kindness is generally
built through self-guidance and self-control under personal terms.  Protecting the time
invested in governances revolved around maintaining composure is vital for
remaining inside of psychological frames that are coursed and undisturbed.  This
precautionary measure symbolizes attentive observance for self-awareness
and self-interest.  Dealing with others on a when needed basis, sparingly and
briefly, safeguards against harmful endeavors. The choice is
granted to each of us as individuals as to how we interact.  Resistence and refusals to
relate with and applaud unkind acts & unjust behaviors comes through
serene wisdom, self enhanced strengths, and awakened
insights for protecting the overall well being.  Such governed concerns allows inner
emotions to build pleasant horizons. People following suit under LSKTC&AUR'S
Extensive Observation Grounding Well Being Theory 2's theoretics naturally respond
vainly and ill-found in the presence of those living under Theory 1's findings.  As humans
living in conditions beyond our knowledge, we will forever remain out of our minds, unless
we reach purposely through submissive concerns to invite clearer insights into our
persisting and ongoing situations. It is through test, trials, errors, and individual
condemnations that we, as humans learn to live.  It is through faith-based reliances in a
Heavenly reward that we build beyond our imagination and create atmospheres based on
a forwarded approach into grandeur horizons for expectations. Self protection is
the only defense we have against unkind forces intrigued upon us through mindful arts 
relative to evil endurances.  All living things on Earth should be living in abundant
prosperity. However, interruptions into such structural order during B.C. times leaves
us all roaming in orbit, moving about freely and by chance, learning through
choices, growing by way of revolving time, relying on suitable causes, and subjected towards
leaderships formed through our actions.  After life is given, we, as humans transform
and adapt as best as we know how.  Agreeing to take on a given responsibility because
another human achieved at it is not a wise decision.  Time changes each day, along with
ways of life.  It is not wise to confide in or confine to any given circumstance beyond
knowledgable insights or without precisely generating clarifications into future manifolds.
Logically, we draw closer to situations, which brings outburst of happiness and proposes
peaceful posibilities.  Truthful underlinings are not always apparent under such
speculative grasp.  Characters inside of Well Being Theory 1's frame are easily underlined
throughout a course of actions.  However, characterizations framed
inside of Well Being Theory 2 are not obviously detected through
responses and interactions alone.  People, which fall under Well
Being Theory 2's profile are typically on that level for a reason. 
Once deceptive actions are put into play over long periods of time, adjustments
eventually sets a pace and sights of faultiness and foulplay generally
desiccates.  Solid actions inside of repetitive drives makes untruthful
posture reading almost impossible to distinguish.  To detect unfavorable interactions
and led-on continuances amongst situatons that are prolonged inside of self-gratifying
revolutionsgenerally comes by way of offset cycling into role play dilemmas.  A person will be
as kind to you as you are to them, for as long as you are kind to them.  True
emotions are usually revealed when favortisms and warp-sided involvements stops maturing in
favor of suitable causes and concerns of greater interest finds trace.  Natural
instincts should never be disregarded and placed alongside of cognitions and adaptive settings
absent thought-thru processing revolved around concrete substances.  One should
never persist to grow within situations that shifts their structural well being.  Life in America,
as a nation, for Americans pushing for purposes and positioning into playing their parts,
was basefound according to set placements into mindful arts, nature's adventures,
skillful explorations, and home-away-from-home voyages.  Even though many freedoms
are yet to be unleashed, self-determination can meaningfully generate inclinations
alongside of general practices, in order to build concentrated realities of hope for
remaining vigorously involved. It is through ways of life that determinations are
regarded.  Observation is the key to understanding and understanding is the
main source for preventing self-harm.  Attentive observance will keep the well
being tactfully secure and place the mind at ease on a day to day basis. 
Self-concern keeps interactions at a frontline prospective for speculations,
observation, and evaluations.

Need help?

60 day session planning @ $1500.00 a month 


~Giving from  the heart~

Make the connection...
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LSKTC&AUR's Counseling & Guidance Care
is waiting to help you!

   Think carefully & live wisely

LoanaSamacKecih Therapeutic Concepts & Analyzing Productions

****People that lack conscious will not only lie to gain
positioning, they will lie to any degree to obtain justice
in their favor. Understanding and identifying such
individuals will not only prevent stumbling blocks in your
life, it will prevent you from becoming a part of theirs.


Change is Good...






Counseling & Guidance
Service Fee @
$50.00 a day
(prepaid access)
30 day recurring billing cycles under two month minimum service planning or PIF assurance @ $3000.00

*Tri-Daily Quorum Outcall Checkpoint Sessions
Morning Wake Up Session
Mid-day Follow Session
Bedtime Day-Ending Session
(email correspondence briefs, voice message alerts, scheduled voice calls, and texting chats)

*Bi-Weekly Incoming Quorum Notification Alerts

*Bi-Monthly Recovery Summary Updates

Standard Remedial Setup
Timing will vary for time consumed depending on the situational circumstance at hand and the client's ongoing drive
*Application Processing
*Introduction Processing
*Deliberation Processing
*Understudy Review Processing
*Disclosure Processing
*Foreclosure Processing
*Follow-Up Care Continuance

Selective Placements

LSK TC&AUR's Research Phase Segment Process
LSK TC&AUR's Reassertive Compliance Attempt Program
LSK TC&AUR's Deterred Compilation Profile Review Program
LSK TC&AUR's Selective Placement Program
LSK TC&AUR's Life's Vegetation Overview Process
LSK TC&AUR's Photosynthesis Restoration Process
LSK TC&AUR's Emotion Support Program
LSK TC&AUR's Family Advocate Communication
Connection Assist Program
LSK TC&AUR's Health & Well Being Assist Program
LSK TC&AUR's Recovery Summary Update Program
LSK TC&AUR's Multi-Polarized Emotion Adjustment Process
LSK TC&AUR's Parental Child Adaption & Learning Program
LSK TC&AUR's Timeline Schedule Sleep Study Remediation Process
LSK TC&AUR's Monocentrigue Bioptivision In-house Review Process

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LSK TC&AUR Counseling & Guidance Care was designed to deal with a
number of characteristically disoriented afflictions caused by emotional distress, uneasiness, and confusion, to name a few.  Systematic and oriented planning framed inside of directives, protocols, and specially designed techniques will give each client serviced through available constructions under this establishment's directions ample opportunities to acknowledge reasons for outreach, to therefore better understand purposed intentions, calculate regarded facts, and baseline motives into productive outcomes.  Evidence proves that many beings of the human species, both young and old, face repetitive episodes of repentances daily.  Many of these situations remain involved despite unhealthy dispositions, costly consequences, and meaningless intent.  As the Advising Director for LoanaSamacKecih Therapeutic Concepts and Analyzing Understudy Remediation Counseling & Guidance Care, Dr. Mito is present to address unfavorable situations driven by way of conscious bearing regards in manners, which will underline, reason, relay more clarifiable justifications,
and restore clarity for addressing habits of doom, in order to escalate more favorable and peaceful enviroments. Procession pools under Dr. Mito's conditioning will cycle through assigned and sequenced phase procedures based on ongoing fields of aim, relative to overview underlinings.  (One concern of interest per billing cycle, per client file)  When persisting setups reach levels for modifications and advancements, Dr. Mito's input generates according to needs.  Special arrangements under these terms are therefore made for regrouping, in order to gather information into confound basements within assigned schedules.  Remediation typically generates in eight weeks.  Multiple cycle processing is rare but not impossible to collaborate, depending on a number of key factors and if an offset should occur and generations persist forward into given aims and/or fields.  If Dr. Mito is propelled to apply her insights towards multiple party grouping or multiple relations inside of a single framed setting once remediation has moved beyond deliberation intake and setup placement stages, grabs would surface through agreements and rearrangements into planning.  From time to time, offset instigations relative to negations and mentioned associates will surface.  If Dr. Mito is impressed to investigate further into specifics for building substanced calculations, formations into joint gatherings will transpire.  LSK TC&AUR's outpatients are serviced through personal descriptions based on collaborative input and through preset and reserved scheduling.  After a registration is processed and a client file is developed, arrangements are therefore gathered through entrusted intake information, in order to systematically trace envisioned characters amongst patterned intuitions.  Oriented and detailed planning under LSK TC&AUR's Counseling & Guidance Care's infrastructure's frames has been skillfully formatted, in order to suit a widerange of situations, both foreign and domestic, which will accommodate the best interest and pursuing efforts of its clients.  LSK TC&AUR's Counseling & Guidance Care's daily access reservation service fee is set at an affordable rate under 60 day planning terms.  $3000.00 is the total cost for eight weeks of guidance.  Rates are set under a $50.00 a day prepaid access reserve assurance budget.  LSK TC&AUR's Counseling and Guidance Care's E-Commerce Accountant is located on the Prepaid Enrollment Page of this website.  This enrollment fee is rendered under monthly increments of $1500.00 for two months through company guidelines and procedures from this link.  (Payment methods are optional) Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Bank, and American Express is accepted.  LSK TC&AUR's Counseling and Guidance Care's Private Reserve Share Investments are also available as a prepaid access reserve option to those that would like to underline their concerns and interest under more indept terms and planning.  LSK TC&AUR's Counseling and Guidance Care's Supplemental Group Assurance Dividened Policy (SGAD) is designed to fit budgeting demands for people in need of professional advice, which take managing their finances to their advantage.  Under this Guarantor's Certificate, recurring premiums of $100.00 a month are post-set until a lock-in margin is met.  Reservations into this accumulative value increases as the policy's duration growth expands.  Premiums reach venturing thresholds after the first year into declarations.  With referral friendly allowances, leadway into principles are granted through assessed value.  Listed participants generating under policies of active shareholders can access LSK TC&AUR's Counseling & Guidance Care's services as registered guest.  Access is granted in whole and by part. Under thirty day cycles, up to twice a week as an individual party session and five times a month as a whole development, incoming notifications and correspondences will generate consisting of two or more registered group parties with one being the registered shareholder, under group sessions. Listed participants under LSK TC&AUR's Counseling & Guidance Care's Central Balance Coverage 10yr:)invstmntscrty Planning can consist of up to five shareholder assigned guest members.  This list is constructed under acceptance guidelines and organized protocols care of an affiliated shareholder agreeement.  Maturity into this investment transitions after ten years.  At the tenth year's ending a generated paid in full capital lockpoint/piflp is withdrawn.  Outside of LSK TC&AUR's Counseling & Guidance Care's supportive services this policy has no cash value.  There will be no substitutes or alterations made to policies once declarations reach venturing threshold yields, absent liable causes.  LSK TC&AUR's Counseling & Guidance Care's security investment under SGAD planning safely locks an assurance carraige into shared withholdings as an access reserve, in regards to speculated contentment.  This security investment sets a standardized promise into force, sustains leveled clearance into future manifolds, sets bargaining approach standards into life's revolutions and general demands, aligns periodic framework into conferences, patterns adjustment enhancements into valued basis, and structures underlinings of fundamental attributes revolved around relations amongst innerpersonal realms as a certainty and a reuniting effort into driven responsibilities.  Coverage growth into this approach has been conveniently structured, in order to build gatherings within unions for long-lasting involvements.  Mindful awareness generated around idealogical conceptions of a shared togetherness amongst assigned conjunctions will supply bonded guidance for life spans.  This option is available as a built-in benefit.  Purchasing LSK TC&AUR's Counseling & Guidance Care's Access Approved Investment Share Plan safeguards connections.  This security measure assures attentiveness in times of trouble.  In the event, which a backlash or offset into known knowledge takes course, restoration is solid and constructions into regrouping can generate based on known natures, facts, and underlinings relative to previous gatherings within data consumed substances.  At the lockpoint stage, progress is generated under a forwarded member reformation stance with available draws into recounts from past discussions.  Processing under continual agreements, terms, and conditions into accessible allowances proceeds as follows and generates under similar access allowance guidelines.  Once LSK TC&AUR's Counseling & Guidance Care's Supplemental Group Assurance Dividend reach a generated paid in full lockpoint, continual communication is interbred and open to all registered shareholders and their enrolled guest at no additional charge, relative to past discussions, under LSK TC&AUR's Counseling & Guidance Care's Recovery Summary Update Program.  

            Shareholder Plan Investment                                           Chart
  $100.00 monthly premiums @ 10 yrs:)piflp
Year 1 _________+$1,200.00 grth value development
Year 2 _________+$2,400.00 grth value development
Year 3 _________+$3,600.00 grth value development
Year 4 _________+ $4,800.00 grth value development
Year 5 _________+ $6,000.00 grth value development
Year 6 _________+ $7,200.00 grth value development
Year 7 _________+ $8,400.00 grth value development
Year 8 _________+ $9,600.00 grth value development
Year 9 _________+$10,800.00 grth value development
Year 10________ + $12,000.00 :)capital paid in full lockpoint

*Six member & guest lockpoint @ infinite conditioning care

*Daily reviews year 1-10 (as indicated)

*Unlimited incoming contacts year 1-10

*Bi-Monthly follow-up care on previous discussions beyond year 10

*Random outgoing checkpoint intervals @ infinite conditioning care

*30 day cycles of bi-weekly individual connections & five x monthly group connections
If you have a concern of interest you would like to have reviewed or know someone that could benefit from LSK TC&AUR's Counseling & Guidance Care's services, feel free to make the connection.  Dr. Mito's degrees of knowledge on humans, human developments, human behaviors, and human values along with her embroided mental capacity, fluent abilities, influential findings, and philosophical ability to reform governs a highly trained, skilled, and vigorously devoted being of high statute amongst fluent dialects for translating competently. 

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            NHRS Established in 2008
                 Launched Sept 2009                                       c/o World Wide Web
                        LSK TC&AUR
  Counseling & Guidance Care Productions        
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Yours truly, Dr. Mito
Natural Healing Remedies StudioEstablished 9-09               LoanaSamacKecih Therapeutic Concepts & Analyzing Understudy Remediation Counseling & Guidance Care Productions ~In the making since 1999~

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Hello! I am the CEO and Founder of LSK TC&AUR/Loana Samac Kecih Therapeutic Concepts & Analyzing Understudy Remediation. You can also refer to me as Dr. Mito, the Human Behavioral, Observational, & Developmental Analyst for my LSK TC&AUR's counseling establishments. I look forward to speaking with you soon.         
                              Yours truly

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